Filling Pompe Pages 1.0

I’ve been working today on developing some of the background information that will support the ongoing Pompe Blog.

If you’re following along, I invite you to visit the Pompe Background page by clicking here. This traces the onset of Pompe symptoms from when I was about age 5 up until I began the process of searching for a diagnosis at age 23.

In the coming days, I’ll continue the journal on the Diagnostic Journey page. You can check that out by clicking here.

Thanks for participating in this process. Feel free to Like or leave comments or questions either by clicking “Leave a Comment” under Blog entry titles or in the Reply field at the bottom of Blog entries. You may also feel free to share entries with those who might benefit; there are links below for sharing to social media.

Instructions for registering to Follow the Pompe Blog are on the Home page. You can get there by clicking here. By registering, you will receive automatic email updates when new entries or comments are added.

~ Brian

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