First Nexviazyme Infusion Delayed

I just heard from my contact at Sanofi-Genzyme that my first infusion of Nexviazyme – which was scheduled for this coming Monday, 18 October – has been postponed until two weeks later – 1 November.

While the exact reason remains unclear, there is supposedly some misunderstanding between my Primary Care Physician and the Infusion Center over whether prior authorization is required. My PCP says that my insurance carrier says prior authorization is not required; my infusion center believes that it is. One would think this particular issue could be resolved with a phone call.

The other issue is that my detailed infusion orders need to be transposed into a specific format for the infusion center before my PCP can officially sign off on the orders. That is reportedly a very convoluted process that was supposedly initiated over a week ago and is still not resolved.

I have learned that, when dealing with hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, and medical companies, there is ample opportunity for things to break down in the bureaucracy. And even though I know that in my head, I’m extremely disappointed.

I’ll provide updates when I have more information. But for now … things are on hold until Monday, 1 November.

4 thoughts on “First Nexviazyme Infusion Delayed

    • As it happens, the issues are already resolved, I believe. But because the Infusion Center had to order meds for Monday and because they hadn’t received the necessary paperwork and authorizations by their deadline, they had to go ahead and order Lumizyme. It appears that everything is now in place for Nexviazyme on Monday, 1 November. Thanks for the good wishes!


  1. Doubly sorry for your delay, Brian. Glad it’s been resolved.
    I was hoping to hear your experience before my switch, this Friday. I do plan to share my experience in the F/B group.

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  2. Wishing you the best of luck on your switchover, Stephanie. Please feel free to share your experience here too. And I’m okay with the delay. I was regally bummed when I got the news but it’s all good. This was a no-fault hitch. I appreciate that everyone on my team is being extra careful.


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