Infusion Day 1.6

2:00pm (PST) – 15 November 2021

In the Home Stretch!

About an hour ago, we completed the infusion of my first bag of Nexviazyme. Remarkably, it took just two hours and twenty minutes to finish that half of my overall infusion. When infusing with Lumizyme, my first back typically took about two hours. Because we were using a slower infusion rate with Nexviazyme, I had expected that first back to take considerably longer.

Typically, my second bag of Lumizyme would take a little over an hour and half. I’m now almost an hour into my second back of Nexviazyme. So we’ll see how long it take to finish this up.

This first day on the new drug requires that I stay at the infusion center for a two-hour observation period following the completion of the treatment. So I have quite awhile yet to go today. Even though I’m not that excited about a two-hour wait afterwards, I’ll be feeling a great sense of satisfaction in having gotten through this first treatment.

Timing aside, all is going well with this first infusion of Nexviazyme. All of my vital signs are stable and at good levels and I’m feeling fine.

There has been so much anticipation around this day and I’m sure I’m going to be pretty tired when I get done today.

My spirits are really high, though, and I’m looking forward to getting home this evening after this long day.

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