Infusion Day 1.7

3:00pm (PST) – 15 November 2021

Nexviazyme Infusion #1 Is On The Books!

My second bag of meds just finished up. I’m now starting my two-hour observation period.

They’re keeping my IV in with a dextrose solution drip for the first hour of my wait. This is to keep my infusion line open in case I have a reaction. That way, they can immediately infuse me with Solu-Medrol. I rather doubt that’s going to happen. Today has gone very smoothly.

It looks like my total infusion time on this new drug, even with the slower increases in the first hour, was just about four hours. By comparison, the total infusion time for my Lumizyme infusion was about three hours and forty minutes. So pretty comparable.

I’ll admit, though, that I’m not feeling particularly energized. I had a lot of energy invested in this big day and I’m pretty tired. But I’m also feeling like today was a big success.

I’m sure gonna sleep well tonight!

Thanks again for all of the good wishes on social media, emails, and messages today.

I’ll plan to do one more entry to end this long day, when I’m settled in at home. Fortunately, I live less than ten minutes away from the infusion center.

~ Brian

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